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mAIndcraft : mental health support via videochat during Corona crisis

Video-based mental health hotline during the corona crisis

Berlin, 29.04.2020 - mAIndcraft offers free instant mental health support with a new video-supported hotline. The hotline is created with help of volunteering therapists and software developers. A broad network of psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists enables voluntary support for the individual psychological effects caused by corona crisis. The experts provide first-order psychological counseling and further information about other psychosocial support services.
The hotline is designed to accommodate all individuals who feel psychologically distressed as a result of Corona crisis. Whether it is existential fears, worries, hopelessness or feeling overloaded with stress, nothing is more important than to keep control over such feelings. Psychologists or doctors listen and help so that those affected gain new perspectives and expand their own scope of action.

"In times of crisis, such as the current corona pandemic, it is important to discuss fears, frustration or other stressful feelings with people outside of one's inner circle in order to get concrete recommendations for actions to stabilize mental health. "This is where the mAIndcraft team comes in play ---with its individualized, immediate counseling," said Elliot C. Brown, Ph.D. and Scientific Adviser at mAIndcraft.

Additional services mAIndcraftare also aimed at people who are exposed to exceptional stress in their jobs, whether it is a job in the healthcare, in public or private sector or working from home while balancing childcare and homeschooling.

How does it work?
Interested individuals can start the video consultation anonymously and without registration in the homepage of mAIndcraft - Hotline www.bleibpsychischgesund.de. The mAIndrcaft technology meets the highest personal data protection standards. The information exchanged during the consultation is encrypted. The therapists are alone in a protected room, in their home working space or their practice.

You can find further information at: www.bleibpsychischgesund.de.

The video-supported hotline is intended as a supplementary, preventive measure in times of exceptional distress during the corona pandemic. The service is not a substitute for the crisis service, telephone helpline or rescue service. It is not suitable for people who are in immediate danger and self-harm. People in acute crises with suicidal thoughts will find anonymous and confidential support around the clock at the crisis helpline (0800 1110111 and 0800 1110222) or by contacting the emergency services (112) in Germany.

About mAIndcraft: A team of mental health professionals and computer scientists has designed mAIndcraft at the beginning of 2020 in Berlin. The platform combines therapeutic and scientific experience with state-of-the-art technology in order to promote personally envisioned behavioral changes in an effective, efficient and personalized way. mAIndcraft is awarded with the "Most Impact" prize at the Easter Hackathon 2020 - a competition for finding solutions in the fight against Covid-19 organized in partnership with Charité, Berlin Institute of Health, Hacking Health Berlin and Diabetes Center Berne.

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Our team combines a long therapeutic and scientific experience with technological innovation to enable effective, efficient and personalized behavioral change.

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