We are a team of experienced psychotherapists and technology experts and combine therapeutic and scientific experience with technological progress to enable effective, efficient and personalized behavioral change.


Co-founder & Head of Therapy

Dipl. Psych. Etleva Gjoni
Co-founder & Head of Therapy

As Psychologist and trained Psychotherapist with a Master of Science in Cognitive Neuroscience is she responsible for scientific validations and therapeutical strategy development. 2012 she certified in Cognitive Behavior Therapy with professional licence and Approbation from the Berlin Senate. Since than she held several positions within different sectors of the German Healthcare System, including Charité Medical University where she conducted academical and clinical work on several aspects of chronic and mental health conditions. She has a strong focus on chronic pain and is a lecturer and author in this field. Since 2017 she treats the broad spectrum of mental health conditions in her own psychotherapy practice.


Co-founder & Head of Technology

Dr. Ing. Julia Hoxha
Co-founder & Technical Lead

As a computer scientist and entrepreneur, Co-founder and CEO of Zana Technologies GmbH she leads the technology development, and also help with business development based on her previously gained entrepreneurial experience. She is a former postdoctoral research scientist in Medical Informatics at Columbia University 2016, and former research associate at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology 2014. At 21 Julia co-founded and led as CTO the software development company ShqiperiaCom. She is also the co-founder and senior advisor of the Albanian Institute of Science, and founder of MyOffice'Al - the first co working space in Albania. In May 2019, she was awarded "Woman of the Year in ICT" from ICT Albanian Awards.

Scientific Advisory Board

Elliot C. Brown Ph.D.

Scientific Board

As a neuroscientist specialising in mental health with over 12 years experience in clinical research, he will provide support for all research-related activities. Elliot has worked across the UK, US, Canada and Germany, at institutions including Harvard University, the Charité in Berlin and the Institute of Psychiatry at Kings College London. He has published over 30 peer-reviewed scientific articles on the neural bases and treatment of mental disorders, and is on the editorial boards of Frontiers in Psychology and the Journal of Neurobehavioral Sciences. Elliot is also a member of the Society for Neuroscience and the Society of Biological Psychiatry and has received multiple honours and awards from international research organisations including the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and the International Brain Research Organisation.

Prof. Dr. Daniel Fürstenau

Scientific Board

Assistant Professor for Digital Transformation and IT Infrastructures

In his research group at Freie Universität Berlin and the Einstein Center Digital Future, he combines research, teaching and practice. Using advanced methods of network and data analysis, he and his research group explore digital transformation and digital innovations and their embedding in platforms and ecosystems, in order to make processes and IT-supported workflows better, more efficient and more adaptable, thus generating benefits for the general public. Main subjects include IT management and digital platforms and ecosystems in the health care sector.

Valerie Hawley

Scientific Board

Head of Innovation Damen National Health Insurance Abu Dhabi
Affiliate Professor for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at HEC Paris

After being an entrepreneur herself in the sustainability, she studied MBA and specialised in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at HEC Paris. She became an affiliate professor on the Master Digital Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and helped students launch their own start up projects. Since 2017 she is heading innovation at Daman the national health insurer in Abu Dhabi and interact regularly with start ups from all over the world in Digital Health and Technology.

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Our team combines a long therapeutic and scientific experience with technological innovation to enable effective, efficient and personalized behavioral change.

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